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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing
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Suresh Sharma, author of the recently published book, Global Outsourcing, Executing an Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore Strategy, spoke on the subject of Strategic Sourcing in India, China and America, Tuesday November 27, 2007 as part of the ICA Institute’s on-going Webinar Series Tap into Chindia.

Many of you who attended the Webinar may have comments to add to Suresh’s presentation concerning your own experience and knowledge of the outsourcing industry and its many manifestations. Please consider writing them down and contributing to our comments here.

The ICA Institute is focused on expanding knowledge concerning the growth of two of the world’s largest markets, China and India, to further commerce between the region, America and the rest of the world. Anything you can add that furthers this aim is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Bob Cady, Director of development, ICA Institute,

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