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Welcome to Chindia Biz!

Welcome to Chindia Biz!
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Today, Oct 1, 2007, is the date of the Chinese National Holiday. The National Day is celebrated throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau with a variety of government-organized festivities, including fireworks and concerts. In India, tomorrow, October 2 is the annual holiday of Gandhi Jayanti as a grateful nation pays it’s heartfelt tribute to the Father Of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday.

In many ways, for all of us, these are auspicious days, rife with new opportunity.

All of us at the India, China & America (ICA) Institute understand that our goal of increasing both the cultural and business level of interaction among, India, China and America, wouldn’t be possible without contributions from thought leaders around the world. Chindia Biz will give these thought leaders an opportunity to air their views, creating a prime information resource both business strategists and policy makers can use to improve their understanding of the two Asian economic juggernauts, India and China.

CHINDIA BIZ will be hosting a number of information articles and opinion pieces from contributors around the world. We hope you will not only take the time to visit, but also consider contributing to the information you will find here. Simply email, with your questions or contributions.

Also consider signing up for the ICA Insitute’s weekly newsletter at It delivers both summary and detailed information, about developments in India & China that affect commerce. It is a must read for those organizations either already doing business in Chindia or contemplating being there.

While you are at it, look into the ICA Institute’s virtual seminar (Webinar) series, Tap Into Chindia. This free series of monthly webinars kicked off September 25, 2007 with Dr. Sheth’s program, Rise of Chindia: The Next Largest Consumer Markets. We are now taking website registrations for the next in the series, Adapting Business Practices for India & China, October 23, 2007, featuring globalization author and business strategist, Dr. Camille Shuster.

There are a number of special projects also on the way, so stay tuned to

Again, welcome to Chindia Biz and thank you for coming. We hope to see and hear from you often.

Robert P. Cady
Director of Development
India, China & America Institute.

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